Whistleblowing channel

Suvia Group has committed to operating responsibly, legally and in adherence with the Group’s
ethical operating principles. It is important for us to monitor how our ethical principles are realised
in our daily operations and intervene where there are any deficiencies. For this reason, we have
created an anonymous whistleblowing channel for our personnel and outsiders, which can be used
to notify us anonymously of any suspected misconduct or activity that is contrary to our ethical
principles. We want to foster an open organisational culture where everybody is able to voice their concerns without having to fear negative consequences.

How can I use the anonymous whistleblowing channel?

You can use the whistleblowing channel if you suspect any deficiency or misconduct in our
operations. This may involve, for example, breaking the law or regulations, unethical procedures,
fraud, bribery or a conflict of interest. Please note that regular customer feedback should be
submitted through the feedback channels meant specifically for that purpose.

How do I submit a report?

The whistleblowing channel has been implemented together with an impartial outside partner, the
Finland Chamber of Commerce, in order to guarantee the anonymity of the whistleblower. All
reports are processed confidentially in accordance with Suvia Group’s standardised processing
method in human resource management by people trained for the task. If necessary, other specialists may also be brought in to ensure appropriate processing.

Please describe the deficiency in sufficient detail so that we may begin to investigate the matter.
The report should not include any sensitive personal information unless it is absolutely necessary for the investigation.

You can submit a report online using any smart device or computer.

How will I receive a response to my report?

You can file the report under your own name or anonymously. Please remember to write down the
code you receive after submitting the report. You can use the code to track your report in the
whistleblowing portal as it is being processed and communicate with the people processing it. We
will ask you for additional information through the portal if it is necessary for handling the case.

We strive to confirm the receipt of the report within seven days of it being submitted and will respond within three months with the action we will be taking.

Reports must be submitted sincerely and in good faith. Suvia Group will not tolerate the misuse or abuse of the whistleblowing channel.

File the report here.

Thank you for your report!